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Stand mixer - What You Should Know?

Posted by Sam G on

A stand mixer is a product that passionate bakers have come to rely on. However, we have to admit that many do take these products for granted. If you have not yet invested in one of these products or still wondering if they are worth the investment, below are the top reasons you should invest in one.

More power, hand-free baking, faster results, and less mess. Although these points seem straight forward, time and time again, they have proven to be effective and really helpful. Remember, many stand mixers come with different attachments, which are all geared towards making them flexible compared to hand-held mixers.

  • Balloon-whisk

With a balloon-whisk, a baker has the ability to beat a hot meringue buttercream into the desired outcome. This often takes less than 10 minutes, which frees your time to do other things, such as preparing other recipes.

  • Dough-hook
    Dough Hook

Dough-hook works wonders when it comes to kneading heavy yeast dough. It makes the work effortless and highly efficient, which leaves you fresh after baking so that you can attend to other things such as taking care of your young ones.

  • Flat-beater

    Flat Beater

The flat-beater is an additional design to help create fluffy cases with less effort and time.  It creams sugar and butter, making them fluffy and well-aerated.  It works very well than handheld flat-beaters.

Ever tried whipping a large batch of egg-white using your hands? Well, even with the lightest egg-white bowl (the classic copper bowl), you will notice that it is a laborious and lengthy task.

On the other hand, some mixers don't whip one or two whites very well. That is because the contact between the bowl and beater is not efficient, and this generally varies depending on the type of stand mixer you have. However, there are those mixers that come with an adjustable level of contact as an added feature.

A standard mixer comes with a stainless steel bowl, which is very handy for all sorts of use (even those not related to mixing or the mixer).

If you’re still wondering what to choose then this in-depth guide from Foodal will help you to find the best mixer for you.

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