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How to patch Halloween day?

Posted by Sam G on

It's nice to be able to add a little personalized 'flare' to clothes and accessories. Finding items that are uniquely 'you' is sometimes hard to come by. That's why we love patchlike.com blog. They specialize in embroidered patches for a wide variety of occasions.

On their blog, you'll find tons of ways to use their creative badges. They've decorated suitcases, personalized helmets, restored old toiletry bags, and created Christmas cards. You'll find ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day using their emblems and ways to spice up your December outfits for the holidays. These patches are incredibly versatile and completely unique. AND, they can transform any accessory immediately. Just iron it on, and you're good to go. For a less permanent look, you can hot glue the emblem to a safety pin and use it as a button.

Patch Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Patchlike definitely has you covered. Their wide range of patches can cover all of your Halloween bases, fast. Most of us know the challenges of getting the men in our life excited about getting festive for any holiday.

Patchlike Blog suggests that this Halloween, you'll surely be able to get them into the spirit with a simple embroidered patch on a black button-up. The vampire teeth and spiderweb they added to the shirt is the perfect, subtle way to look ready for the holiday.

Speaking of subtle yet festive, their ideas for the ladies are to die for! While we can't always traipse around in a Halloween costume through the month of October, there is a way to celebrate without being over-the-top. Patchlike offers embroidered patches that can be added to a headband or hair clip. Spiderwebs, Jack-O-Lanterns, candy corn, and other adornments can be added as hair-pieces. The benefit of this is that they can be changed out as different holidays approach. This is a great idea for kids as well!

Patchlike offers a cute idea for the night of Halloween as well. You can grab a bag- drawstring, canvas, you name it- and add their embroidered patches to it. Keep it simple with one or two, or use a lot! Either will be a fun, unique way to decorate your bag. The kids can even help personalize it themselves. This bag can be used year after year, and even added to as the years go on. A fun tradition would be to add a new patch each year.

Patch Halloween Day Shirt

Bigger patches can be used to cover a t-shirt. They offer an orange Jack-O-Lantern face that is big enough to make a statement on a t-shirt or the back of a denim jacket. It's another great way to celebrate without being too flashy, or actually wearing a costume! Plus, it's so easy to do that you could make matching shirts for the whole family- even the dog!

We hope that you enjoy getting ready for Halloween and hope that you check out Patchlike blog for all sorts of inspiration for every occasion. The possibilities are truly endless! Happy Halloween!

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