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How to throw the perfect Halloween party?

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Halloween used to be a festivity of the harvest and a way to remember the dead. But now it’s just people celebrating via pranks, parties, and costumes which spark the imagination of both children and their parents.


If you are throwing a Halloween party for kids or grownups let me give you a few tips.

Safety: Number one priority

The first thing you need to keep in mind is safety, particularly if you are going to use fireworks. With all the pranks, it is easy to get carried away but while body parts make excellent treats and horror stories are very entertaining, the last thing you want is to make them real.


If you are throwing a party for the kids, or even if there will be just a few, remember to take them trick-or-treating. Never let ‘em go alone – kids alone with a lot of candies is not a very good idea, and neither are kids in dark and busy roads.

Theme: Blend of Scary and Fun

Second, remember the theme. The only thing that makes a Halloween party unlike other festivities is the theme: death, evil, and the occult. You may even want to pick a more specific theme (like zombies, or witches). Whatever theme you decide on using only decoration related to it.


Colors: Orange is the new Black

As for colors, you can never go wrong with the classics: black and orange. Other colors that fit a Halloween theme nicely are dark blue, purple, and dark red. However, pick just two or three. Better yet, you can steal a nice concept from design and pick the main color (like black) and then use the other two scarcely to make items or food pop.


When you are considering food remember to ask your guests to bring some along.


It will not only save you time and money but will make everyone feel involved. I also suggest you search the Internet for creepy recipes – there are some out there that look like eyeballs, other body parts, or blood. And don’t forget to include a pumpkin pie!

Halloween Invitations


You can also get creative with the invitations (a cobweb covering the invitation, a bat that reveals the invitation when it opens its wings, or a small pumpkin along with the invitation inside, but remember to give your guests plenty of notice.

Entertainment and Games

As for activities plan a lot of indoor games if you are having kids. Almost all games can be transformed into a Halloween theme (in hide-and-seek the kid has not only to find the other children but “cast a spell” when he finds each, or plan a treasure hunt filled with coffins and dark red candy for the children to find; do remember to include a dark soundtrack if you can). All you need is a little imagination – you just have to pick an old-style game and give it a Halloween twist.

Be Prepared

And never forget – expect the unexpected. Do not assume it won’t be raining, do not assume everyone who said they would come will (or that people who said they wouldn’t want), do not assume people will bring enough food and drink

But most of all, remember to have a lot of fun. I bet you this Halloween will be the scariest ever.

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