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Cosplay — halloween

Why Werewolf Halloween Costumes Continue To Be Popular Choices?

Posted by Ajay Porwal on

For those who relish dressing up to celebrate the harvest holidays, werewolf Halloween costumes continue to be among the most prevalent choices. Along with vampire outfits and other supernatural garbs, the idea of dressing up like a monstrous wolf just seems to have an irresistible appeal to a large segment of the population. This should come as no surprise, of course, since werewolves have occupied a special place in the human imagination for many thousands of years.


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How to patch Halloween day?

Posted by Sam G on

It's nice to be able to add a little personalized 'flare' to clothes and accessories. Finding items that are uniquely 'you' is sometimes hard to come by. That's why we love patchlike.com blog. They specialize in embroidered patches for a wide variety of occasions. On their blog, you'll find tons of ways to use their creative badges. They've decorated suitcases, personalized helmets, restored old toiletry bags, and created Christmas cards. You'll find ideas for celebrating St. Patrick's Day using their emblems and ways to spice up your December outfits for the holidays. These patches are incredibly versatile and completely unique....

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Catwoman Halloween Costume

Posted by Sam G on

Me-ow!  How about these cool accessories to turn any leotard into a hot Catwoman costume!?

Claws in, ladies!  She does look awesome, doesn’t she; but you can too just by getting a Catwoman Accessory Kit of your own!  Batman never had a feline seductress like you as a foe.  Give those Batboys of today something to remember and slink into that party with your tail a-swishin’ and makin’ ’em a-wishin’.


Catwoman has got to be one of the most popular costumes for women of all time.  There is something intrinsically female about the cat that has intrigued humankind for centuries.   I wonder what that is, exactly?  Is it the slinky independence cool cats exhibit; their nonchalant rebuffs of too-needy owners or would-be suitors; their penchant for fine things and delectable treats’; or just their silky, pettable selves?

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Cool Halloween Costumes ideas for guys and gals

Posted by Sam G on

Halloween is the day when you can go out, have fun or stay at home and welcome those who would visit you for trick or treats. Here is our list of 5 uncommon and cool Costumes for this Halloween.

Men’s Regency Collection Red, White, and Blue Soldier Costume

Imagine the date is 1776 and you are trying to assemble an army of men to fight for your young country’s freedom from Britain. Now imagine you are commander-in-chief of an army of militiamen and patriots.

This Men’s Regency Collection Red, White and Blue Soldier Costume is just like the military uniform you would have been wearing. This high-quality costume is made for theatrical purposes but also can be worn as a very impressive Halloween costume.


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Best Halloween Costumes 2020 based on Movies and TV Shows

Posted by Ajay Porwal on

It is that time of the year again. As we are getting closer to the day of ghosts, witches, skeletons, monsters, and vampires, people start wondering what they are going to put on this year.

“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.”
— Mason Cooley

This list of best Halloween costumes 2019 was prepared to encourage those who have not yet decided, those who have not started their search, and, moreover, those who want to be original and make a difference with their parties when enjoying the tricks and treats this year.

Best Halloween Costumes inspired by 2019 Popular TV Series

Game of Thrones

With its finale this year, the GOT effect is going to last forever deep in our souls. GOT inspired outfits will be a huge hit this year be it Halloween or at any other costume party. Wun Wun giant is, for sure, the character that impacts the most for a Halloween night. Have a mask and prepare your voice to sound like him. It is very scary, just what you want for the occasion. Although your clothes have to look like the clothes of the character, few people will pay much attention to your clothes as the face is so terribly ugly.

As a female Game of Thrones character, The High Priestess costume, with its red hood and gown, will impress your party. You can add threatening gestures to make it look eviller when you knock at the door and it suddenly opens.


Regardless of gender, the White Walker mask is a great option for Halloween. Guaranteed to look ghostly all night!


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