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Cosplay — halloween

Really Scary and Funny Halloween masks and Costumes

Posted by Sam G on

Masks are an easy way to make a Halloween outfit really authentic.

They can also be a relatively cheap way to make a costume mask as you can add one to an outfit you already have, even your ordinary clothes.

There are absolutely loads of different masks you can get, from famous people to cartoon characters to animals to scary, Halloween masks.

You can fully face masks and eye masks depending on the kind of theme you need a mask for and also how comfortable you want to be.

Full-face masks can be very hot but they all have holes to breathe and for your eyes. You can get kids masks and adult masks, as obviously they are different sizes and different kinds of themes as some adult masks can look quite frightening.

One outfit that is receiving too much attention in the past few years is the drunken bavarian costume and this carry me costume collection. It's funny and adds a lot of character.



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