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8 Tips to Dress up and Make the Most of a Rave

Posted by Sam G on

There is so much to look forward to if you are a first-time raver! Being in a rave will give you a unique experience, and you will always remember the first one.

Going to a rave is going to give you something different than you have ever had, and you will experience a lot of excitement. You don’t have to worry, our work is to make sure that all rave babies are having the best time possible.

Dressing at a rave

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Halloween Classic Games, Costumes and Party Ideas

Posted by Admin G on

The true origin of Halloween is unknown. Some people say it comes from the Roman feast to the death, Parentela, others that it derives from the Celtic festival Samhain, a harvest festival. The only thing we know for sure, is that the name comes from All Hallows Evening and that it’s a most important symbol, the pumpkin, was really a turnip at the beginning.


Halloween’s rich history is reflected in many of the games and activities we now consider classics. These are things every Halloween party must have, so you better plan for them.

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