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8 Tips to Dress up and Make the Most of a Rave

Posted by Sam G on

There is so much to look forward to if you are a first-time raver! Being in a rave will give you a unique experience, and you will always remember the first one.

Going to a rave is going to give you something different than you have ever had, and you will experience a lot of excitement. You don’t have to worry, our work is to make sure that all rave babies are having the best time possible.

Below are eight simple tips you need to know if you or your friend are going out for the first rave!

  1. Exploring the signs and sounds

DJ at a rave party
Take a walk around to see everything. If you are with a friend or in a group of people who have been raving for long, then there is a good chance they know which stages to go and the DJ to go and see, but you need to keep in mind that this is the first time that you are in a rave. This is why you should not be staying in one area for long. There is a lot for you to see, and many types of dance music to enjoy. If you are with friends and they are staying in one area for long, let them know you are interested in exploring the entire area so you can get a feel of what you like and discover DJs you have never heard of before.

  1. Wearing comfy shoes

When in a rave, you are going to do a lot of dancing and walking, and it is a good idea to wear shoes that can handle it. If you don’t have comfy shoes and you decide to buy them for the rave, make sure you break into them first. If you wear shoes and they feel uncomfortable, do not wear them to the rave. If you wear uncomfortable shoes, you are going to feel pain, and this will take away from the fun you will have. If your shoes have more room, you can double layer the socks to provide you with more cushion. When I go to raves, I usually put on boots or converse, so you should choose that you feel comfortable in. One thing you should never worry about is having the cleanest or newest shoes because the shoes are going to be dirty at the end of the night. This is because of the dirt and the dust. There will also be people who accidentally step on your shoes. If you want to enjoy the rave, forget about the shoes, just focus on having fun. Shoes are going to be the last thing on your mind.

  1. Do not go too hard

You have a lot of things to see and experience making it important to pace yourself. Do not be the person who chugs a lot of drinks then gets sloppy in less than thirty minutes. You should be having fun, but it is also important to remember everything the next day. If you are going to drink, then you should make sure you do it slowly and let the night flow. There is nothing worse than feeling sick then having to rest the entire night without having much fun, it becomes a mood killer. If you are not going to drink, there is no problem with that. There will be a lot of things going on that you won’t need to look for anything extra to have fun at the rave. You are free to have as much fun as possible, but you should never overdo it.

  1. Avoid carrying too much stuff

You should carry only the necessities! Carrying more stuff with you means more stuff to keep track of, and the more paranoid you become because you have to check your pockets frequently. Carrying fewer items will make it easier when the security is checking you because the more the stuff, the longer it takes to check. You should narrow the stuff to the necessities – phone, money, and few items such as lip balms (if you are going to bring lip balm with you, then bring one that has not been opened because there are events that are not going to let you in with one that has been opened). Wherever you are going to hold the items, you should ensure it is secure and it is going to hold your stuff when you are walking, dancing, and jumping. If you happen to forget something, don’t worry because there are booths where you can get most of the essential you are going to need for the rave.

  1. Going out of your way to meet people

Meeting new people at a rave
Whether you are shy or not, it can be nerve-wracking to approach someone new, but remember this is a rave, you don’t need to hesitate when talking and meeting new people! A rave gives you the chance of making friends with people from all over the world. Buy some glow necklaces bulk and use these as an icebreaker. You will meet different personalities with each one of them having different stories and things they can share with you. You might end up making life-long friends and meet the same people in other events in the future. In many instances, people come and start talking with you, but you should try to go and meet new people too. Making new friends will make you feel good.

  1. Be prepared for the weather

The nights can get very cold and the day can get very hot. There are times when you get hot and sweaty when in the crowd, and the moment you go to the parking lot, you start to freeze. Most of the rave outfits I put on don’t have the complete coverage, which makes it comfortable when in the crowd, but I realize the cold I have to deal with when I get out of there. This is why I make sure there is a blanket or sweater in the car. When I start to feel cold, I enter the car then I start feeling warm. You can also have a light sweater with you when you enter the event. If the event is during the day and the sun is blazing, look for a shade you can rest in and also remember to stay hydrated. You need to be ready to walk a lot because there might be long distances or hilly terrain between stages. Before going to the rave, have a look at the weather of the area so you don’t get caught in the cold or heat. It is also a good idea to ask your experienced friends to give you advice on how to be prepared, e.g. what to wear.

  1. Being yourself

One thing you will love about the rave is you can come as you are and no one is going to judge you. You will notice that a rave is where most people feel like themselves because it is a place where you can feel like yourself without being judged on how you act or look. Many people are being forced to carry themselves a certain way in their day to day life, but they can let their alter ego loose at a rave. You don’t have to stress about “fitting in”. Do not feel like you are not good at shuffling. You just come as yourself, and you will realize people embracing you for the way you are.

  1. Living in the moment

Living in the moment
You can take pictures, but you should be focused more on the experienced than photos. It is good to take pictures because you can use them to remember moments, but what is going to stick out the most is the mental pictures. There are many raves that I have gone thinking I was going to take a lot of pictures, but I ended up not taking any because I was having so much fun and got caught in the moment. Feel the music, dance, and have fun while making REAL memories!

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