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Why Werewolf Halloween Costumes Continue To Be Popular Choices?

Posted by Ajay Porwal on

For those who relish dressing up to celebrate the harvest holidays, werewolf Halloween costumes continue to be among the most prevalent choices. Along with vampire outfits and other supernatural garbs, the idea of dressing up like a monstrous wolf just seems to have an irresistible appeal to a large segment of the population. This should come as no surprise, of course, since werewolves have occupied a special place in the human imagination for many thousands of years.



Werewolves have been a part of the human collective consciousness for as long as men have been recording their thoughts for posterity. Moreover, there is a near-universal nature about the werewolf tale that seems to give at least some sort of credence to the notion that human-wolf hybrids may lurk in our midst. After all, these tales and myths can be found among different groups of individuals all over the globe.

Amongst the earliest accounts of this hybrid is a tale that has its origins in the myths of the ancient Greeks. In this tale, a Greek king named Lycaeon received a visit from several members of the pantheon who were cloaked in human form. As one might expect, he doubted whether they were in fact gods, and devised a test to confirm his suspicions. The results of that test directly contributed to the creation of these hybrid beasts.

His test involved cooking and serving human flesh to the traveling gods at a banquet he held in their honor. Although he had planned this test as a way to confirm that the visitors were not who they claimed to be, he ultimately succeeded only in angering the gods who were supposed to be enjoying his court’s hospitality. Given the fact that such cannibalism was deemed to be a grave offense in the civilized world of the Greeks, his actions drew the immediate ire of his divine visitors.

As punishment for his offense, the gods sentenced Lycaeon to suffer a fate seemingly consistent with his offense. They reasoned that since the offense involved human flesh served as food, his punishment should involve something that related to that same flesh. They thus sentenced him to be transformed into a beast that would be drawn to consume human flesh on a regular basis. To this day, werewolves are still referred to as lycanthropes in memory of the first werewolf, Lycaeon.

Since that time, werewolves have been a constant source of fascination for humans all over the world. They have served as evil threats in many folk tales, and even populate the fairy tales adults read to their kids at night. Serving as both heroes and villains, they also remain amid the most flexible characters that authors and screenwriters can use. From the tale of Red Riding Hood to modern portrayals in popular fiction and television series, werewolves remain among the most famous monsters in the world.

This fascination may have had its origins in the more superstitious climate of ages past, but that does little to explain why it still persists to this day. That blind fear of everything that lurked in the darkness has abated down through the centuries, and yet the attraction to those imagined monsters is more powerful than ever before. Of course, rather than being superstitiously terrified by such imagined beasts, today’s enthusiasts actively seek out entertainment that focuses on werewolves.

Upgrade to the modern era

A large part of that fascination probably owes much to the wonders of modern costume-making. Werewolf costumes were anything but realistic in previous generations, with many of them appearing to be little more than rubber sheaths with hair and eye slits. Today’s costume industry has progressed to the point where it now provides Halloween or costume party participants with a much broader range of options. These options can range from the ultra-realistic werewolf appearance to the comedic portrayal.


Werewolf portrayal on the Big Screen

In fact, many of today’s popular werewolf costume options are every bit as visually powerful as many of the Hollywood special effects that are so commonly seen on the big screen. The partygoer who opts for a frightening wolf outfit can find many different selections. One popular option consists of a realistic wolf head, torn red flannel long-sleeve shirt, and matching furry gloves for the arms. This costume option is usually chosen by people who want to display the darker side of their imagined wolf persona.

There are also outfits for those who want to be the wolf from the Red Riding Hood tale. One of the most celebrated is the Granny costume that includes a wolf head with glasses and a bonnet, wolf gloves and feet, and a matching gown. The mask itself reveals Granny wolf’s malevolent designs by having the wolf’s snout twisted into the type of sly grin that most people have long imagined when they listened to the tale.

Other werewolf Halloween costumes designed for would-be werewolves may not be nearly as frightening. In fact, some are downright humorous in nature and sure to delight the young children who see them. Most consist of full-body werewolf outfits that give a cartoon-like appearance to the once dreaded Big Bad Wolf of fairy tale fame. These costume choices can be found in a variety of sizes that will fit both children and adults.

These types of werewolf Halloween costumes can be a great way for any Halloween celebrant to get into the mood for the harvest holiday. Best of all, costumes range in price from less than a hundred dollars to around two hundred dollars, ensuring that there is an option available for almost any budget. The availability of online ordering makes the process of locating and purchasing the right costume easier than it has ever been.

Mankind has had an ongoing love-hate relationship with werewolves for many thousands of years. That relationship continues to be strong as werewolves have now moved out of the shadows of fear and superstition and into the spotlight of well-known culture. This resurgence in interest for these mythical monsters has helped to ensure that people who choose werewolf Halloween outfits for their next party or trick-or-treat outing will get all the spirited attention they can handle.


Have you ever seen a werewolf costume that looked like it was designed for a woman?

Chances are you haven’t because female werewolf costumes only recently have come into vogue. That is likely because female werewolves are sparse when you look at the history. Whereas female vampires are well represented, especially during the last few decades, female werewolves are almost non-existent.

When you think about it, the female vampire is usually portrayed as a beautiful, sexy woman, albeit a bit on the pale side. Not until she opens her mouth to reveal over-sized, razor-sharp fangs do we realize we’re looking at a monster.


On the other hand, once transformed, a werewolf is not a good-looking creature. Perhaps the very idea of a hairy, snarling, ferocious and animalistic female offends our sensibilities; it flies in the face of what our concept of femininity is all about.

Women and girls who want to dress as a werewolf for Halloween have pretty much been relegated to wearing male-inspired outfits. But who says werewolves have to be scary?

Modern female werewolf costumes tend to be sexier than versions which are made for men or youngsters. The focus is more on the attributes of the wearer and less on making the outfit as scary as possible. This does not mean that attire for ladies is not frightening. However, it does mean that a woman can wear almost any style to a Halloween party or another event and still feel attractive.


The sizes for adults are usually established using bust measurements and waist. Younger persons in their teens will have their size determined by their height and weight. Outfits are available for females of all shapes and range from extra small (XS) to extra large (XL). Some of them can be worn with regular boots in attractive shades or brightly colored knee-high stockings.

Women who do not want to conceal much of their identity can wear wigs complete with ears that match the image associated with werewolves. These ears are less hairy than those that are found in male outfits. They are also smaller and place more emphasis on cuteness. Colorful makeup can be applied in shades like red and brown to complete the look. A nose may be purchased separately or face paint can be used to create a nose.

Female werewolf costumes are not usually available as jumpsuits. Women can find full body attire in their size which is made to fit both gentlemen and ladies. These will easily accommodate people who are up to six feet tall and who weigh about two hundred pounds. They sometimes come with feet but when they do not, a lady can wear sneakers, boots or high heels with them.

There are several options for a wolf woman who wants to look red hot. One of the most popular ones consists of a ragged crop top, ragged cut shorts and furry leg covers. All of the pieces are available in attractive shades, such as green and russet. The shorts may come with attractive silver belts. Wigs with ears are also included in sets of this nature.

Ultra-sexy outfits for werewolves in waiting for consist of lace-up corsets that have faux fur detailing and wide elastic skirts that have tails in addition to the pelt trim that is used along the edges. To complete the look, shoppers may purchase furry leg warmers, gloves or hoods. These will help to keep you warm when the night is chilly.

In some versions of the story Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf is actually a supernatural creature that can change form. Some styles portray granny werewolves with masks, paws, nightgowns, and feet. Unisex feet may sometimes be purchased separately if they do not come with the mask and paws.

Female werewolf costumes are available which suit women who prefer to show off their own face and hairdo. Both younger teens and older adult women are drawn to dressing up in this type of attire. They may get fangs which others can see whenever they smile. These can be paired with paws with heavy claws to scare off other creatures of the night.

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