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1. How durable is it?
Pocket Lounge is extremely durable thanks to its low-pressure design that allows it to mold forgivingly over rocks, sticks and uneven ground. Our products are made with high quality TPU-coated nylon, making them 100% waterproof, mildew resistant and very strong.

2. Is Pocket Lounge as easy to inflate as in the promotional videos?

It really is very easy, but like all things, there's a technique to it. The keys are (1) to pull in a straight line, making sure not to twist or kink the bag, and (2) to not try to fill it all in one scoop; smaller repetitive pulls are better. Remember to only open the bag when it's in motion, holding the mouth tightly closed when repositioning for another pull. You want to bring a large volume of air into the bag, then build compression by rolling the end to your ideal level of firmness.

3. What makes Pocket Outdoor different than the other brands?
Where other brands use a low cost blended nylon, which is not air or water tight, with a second layer of plastic inside the bag. This adds weight, and doesn't hold air very long. Pocket Lounge is made of a single layer of high quality TPU-coated nylon, which is 1/3 lighter than the other designs, and holds air up to 3x longer.

4. How much does it weigh?
Our newest designs are the lightest on the market: Pocket Lounge weighs 1.5 lbs/.85 kgs, Pocket Chair weighs, and Pocket Bed weighs in at 2 lbs, 6 oz/1.05 kgs.

5. How much weight will it hold?
Pocket Lounge can comfortably hold three children or two adults, or roughly 400 lbs. We have managed to fit four good friends on it, but you have to really like each other.

6. Will Pocket Lounge float?
Absolutely, after all it's a big, waterproof bag of air. Use caution getting in and out as it may be top heavy and slightly unstable. Once you're in, however, you'll find it's a great way to float and laze the day away. Note that Pocket Lounge is not specifically intended for use on water and is not designed as a water craft; we take no responsibility for your safety. Always make safety your top priority.