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Drunken Bavarian Oktoberfest "Carry Me" Costume-Costume-Pocket Outdoor-Oktoberfest-Pocket Outdoor

Drunken Bavarian Oktoberfest Costume

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Bought six of these for my friend's stag, totally the best thing ever! People absolutely loved them, and with six of us prancing around like drunken fools (which is true), everyone was laughing and wanted to know where we got them from. Thanks PocketOutdoor lol.."
- Matt Frank
Ontario, Canada

Grab your Discounted Drunken Oktoberfest Costume while the store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on. Once we reach 300-unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to $249.95 USD.

Order now because these are FLYING off shelves! Limit 4 per customer!


Are you looking for a hilarious costume that will blow minds (not literally though)?

Whatever the occasion, the Bavarian costume is guaranteed to be the best costume at the party every single time!

Not only is the optical illusion nearly impossible to figure out, but it’s also built with the highest quality fabrics and comfortable materials on the market today.

These premium and genuine materials are what make this extraordinary costume lightweight, comfy, and extremely durable!

The smooth cotton which we use to bring these ride-on-costumes into reality is strong while still being completely breathable so you won't be sweating even if you're dancing and having a good time!

This breathability allows heat to easily dissipate through the costume so you can stay cool and relaxed the entire time you’ve got it on.

The plush toy head in front is also well made...

Once you get it in your hands, you’ll immediately notice the incredible detail that went into the face and features.

Wait, there's more:

The elaborate design and precision are proof of the craftsmanship that went into creating this hilarious costume.

If you’re looking to shock and amaze people at a festival, party, or even some popular sports match, the Bavarian costume is guaranteed to be the most hilarious costume people have seen!

Order yours today and never worry about not having a cool enough costume to wear to a party ever again!

Once you receive your Bavarian Costume, you’ll notice these


  • A jaw-dropping costume that is specifically designed to leave people mesmerized and in awe. Thanks to its nearly perfect craftsmanship, it may take people a few minutes to figure out exactly what is going on!

  • Made with plush premium fabrics that provide supreme comfort and incredible breathability that you need to stay nice and dry all day long. With this piggyback outfit, you'll never worry about getting too gross or sweaty.

  • And unlike most costumes, the high-quality materials ensure you something that is eye-catching but also long-lasting. Once you invest in something like this, you will never need another costume again!
  • Our Bavarian beer guy is your perfect companion for Oktoberfest, Halloween and beer parties.

We’re not sure when this costume got added to the Oktoberfest menu along with beer bratwurst wiener schnitzel but they were and that's enough for us :)

Bavarian beer guy costume vs other costumes

There is at least 10-12 other ride on costumes, including the Trump version. However, I prefer the classic Bavarian guy over others as it feels more original and enhances one's spirit to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding these Beer Guy costumes

How to make these at home?

Although you can make these costumes at home. But, I would suggest to either buy or rent these costumes as you won't get the level of detail which makes this magical!

Can I buy it from a local shop near me?

It's highly unlikely that you'll get this at a local shop near you. We mostly operate online which helps us keep the price under control and thus saving you $$.

Costumes available for dogs and other pets?

Yes, various such outfits for your pets including dogs and cats are available.

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