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Really Scary and Funny Halloween masks and Costumes

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Masks are an easy way to make a Halloween outfit authentic.

They can also be a relatively cheap way to make a costume mask as you can add one to an outfit you already have, even your ordinary clothes.

There are loads of different masks you can get, from famous people to cartoon characters to animals to scary, Halloween masks.

You can fully face masks and eye masks depending on the kind of theme you need a mask for and also how comfortable you want to be.

Full-face masks can be very hot but they all have holes to breathe and for your eyes. You can get kids masks and adult masks, as obviously they are different sizes and different kinds of themes as some adult masks can look quite frightening.

One outfit that is receiving too much attention in the past few years is the drunken bavarian costume and this carry me costume collection. It's funny and adds a lot of character.


Cartoon characters

A common theme for a Halloween costume party is cartoon characters and as well as loads of fun costumes for this theme you can get some great masks. The Flintstones is always a popular theme and you can get both Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble full head deluxe latex character mask. These will look better with full Fred or Barney costumes so that might not be such a cheap option but you’ll look the part.

Another well-liked cartoon show is The Simpsons and there are loads of different character masks for this series, including Homer, Bart, Moe, and Mr. Burns. You can get an Adult Homer Simpson Oversized Vinyl Mask, which is a full-faced mask or if you would feel more comfortable wearing a half-face mask you can get an Adult Homer Vinyl Half-Cap Mask. Both of them look funny and you could wear either of them with your regular clothes such as a shirt and trousers. The Moe The Bartender mask and the Mr. Burns mask are both half-face masks.

Movie based characters

Star Wars is always a well-liked theme and the good news is that there are loads of Star Wars character Halloween costume masks, from every film. From the classic baddy, Darth Vader, to the fantastic Darth Maul, there are lots of baddies and good guys to choose from. You can get an official licensed Adult Darth Maul Vinyl Mask that looks like the real thing, including the horns on the head, although you might want to cover these with the hood of your cape. You can even get a full Darth Maul costume with a cape with hood and a vinyl mask attached. If you go as Darth Maul or any Star Wars character it’s important not to forget a lightsaber, of course.


If your favorite character is Chewbacca you can get a superb Adult Chewbacca Deluxe Latex Mask but if you wanted to go the whole hog and you have a bigger budget you can get a more authentic looking full-face mask covered in hair. The Adult Supreme Chewbacca Mask Supreme edition is completely covered with hand-layered, multicolored long hair fur for an authentic blended look. Other Star Wars character masks include Stormtrooper helmets and Clone Trooper helmets, a C-3PO Vinyl Mask, Jango Fett, and Bobba Fett helmets, Jar Jar Binks, Yoda, Emperor Palpatine, Greedo, Watto, Boss Nass, Nute Gunray full face masks and X-wing Fighter and Naboo Collectors helmets.

As well as Star Wars you can get loads of other great film character masks, such as a Mad Eye Moody latex facemask, a Dumbledore Face Mask and a Dobby facemask from the Harry Potter collection. You can also get a latex Voldemort facemask from the Harry Potter films, which looks quite gruesome as do a lot of the Halloween themed masks. Some of them could be very frightening to children so it’s worth thinking about when and where you are going to wear a mask. Some other film-themed Halloween costume masks include Rocky, Spock from Star Trek, Gollum from Lord of The Rings, Predator, and Terminator. Some rock and pop star-themed masks include Elton John, Mick Jagger and the ever-popular, much loved Elvis.

Elvis is always a great character to dress up as because there are so many flamboyant costumes available, from different periods of his career but an Elvis mask can be worn with any of them. Some other masks based on real-life famous people include The Queen and other members of the royal family, Tony Blair and several American presidents such as J.F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush and this amazing ride on Trump costume. You can also get more generic fancy dress masks such as old ladies, old men, pirates, mad doctors, clowns, gnomes and burglars.

Best for Oktoberfest

Halloween costume masks are a fab addition to any Oktoberfest costume and although they aren’t that cheap, they can be an affordable way of making a costume great if you already have the clothes. Scary Halloween cosplay can be fun too as you’ll have to guess who everybody is!

Scary Masks and Costumes

Many scary Halloween masks and costumes are loved (or should I say scared) by a lot of folks. These include zombie, clown, skull, horror among other masks that can be even become more dramatic with the inclusion of a haunted house.


Best for Kids

You can get loads of costumes that are the same as adult costumes but obviously in smaller sizes and you can get costumes especially for kids, such as their favorite nursery rhyme characters.


For little girls, there are some really popular costumes such as fairies and princesses, and for little boys, some well-received themes are pirates and superheroes. You can also get kids animal costumes, cartoon characters, fairy-tale characters, clowns and cowboys, to name just a few.

The desired theme for kid’s Halloween costume at the moment is High School Musical, although this is probably more popular with little girls than boys. You can make your costume for your child or you can get some fabulous cheerleader costumes, complete with pom-poms. You can get officially licensed Disney High School Musical costumes as well as non-official, but brilliant looking, High School Musical costumes.

Pirates are another favored theme for fancy dress for kids, perhaps following the success of the Pirates of The Caribbean films. Again, you can create a costume for your kids or buy complete, ready-to-wear costumes for both boys and girls. You can get great accessories for pirate outfits including eye patches, plastic swords, arm hooks, hats, wigs, bandanas, and pistols.

If you are on a tight budget you can make your costume and then just add one or two accessories (all of which you can buy online). If you’d rather just buy a complete costume you can get all sorts of different pirates, from Pirates of the Caribbean to Captain Hook of Peter Pan.


Peter Pan is an accepted choice of theme as well, as little girls love to dress up as Tinkerbell and there are some beautiful Tinkerbell costumes available to buy, that most little girls won’t want to take off. You can create your own with a pretty dress or a tutu and a set of pretty wings, a wand and some ballet pumps for a magical costume. Little girls, and not so little girls too, like to dress up as any fairies, pixies or angels and these are all costumes that you can create using a bit of imagination.

If you are short of time and want to buy one ready-to-wear there are some gorgeous kids costumes and fairy wings available fairly cheaply. Sticking with the Peter Pan theme little boys can dress up as Captain Hook or Peter Pan himself. You can get complete Peter Pan costumes or they are relatively easy to make if you are any good with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.

Some nursery rhyme costume ideas for kids include Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Rapunzel, Aladdin, Robin Hood and The Grand Old Duke of York. Some cartoon character ideas include The Little Mermaid, The Flintstones, Shrek, Loony Tunes, Power Rangers and comic book superheroes.


You can get some fabulous superheroes costumes for little boys such as Spiderman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Superman, Batman, Robin, and the Joker. Little girls can dress up as Wonder woman, Supergirl or Batgirl.


Superhero costumes are a bit harder to make yourself so they could be a slightly more expensive option but the costumes you can buy look so fabulous that it’s probably worth it. You can even get cute little superhero costumes for toddlers and babies. Another funny costume is pirates costumes which I feel look better than ninja turtles one.

Some even love the Deadpool one. Its design has become very popular in the past few years.


There are just hundreds of ideas for kid’s fancy dress so it’s impossible to cover them all but you should be able to find something suitable for any age and any theme.

Disney characters

Snow White cosplay is a fashionable theme and there are loads of fantastic costumes available to buy although the range of characters within this theme is quite limited.

If you want to be Snow White herself, you’ll have no problem getting a costume as there are lots of different ones to suit different budgets and sizes. You can get various children’s Snow-White costumes and adults’ costumes.

If you want to be a bit different and go to a Snow-White themed party as an alternative character you could be a dwarf or a frog. Boys you can be Prince Charming and ladies you could be the evil Queen by wearing a long, medieval-style dress in black or purple with a crown.

You can buy a ready-to-wear Evil Queen costume that includes a golden colored crown and a deep purple dress with golden corset detail and attached collar and cape. You can even get deluxe costumes if you want to spend a bit more money and look absolutely, wickedly fabulous!

If you fancy being a Prince Charming you can get a complete costume consisting of a white jacket with golden buttons, gold sash, cuffs, and epaulets with a medal attached, a red and gold belt and a pair of black trousers with golden vertical stripes.

If you don’t want to buy an outfit you can wear a pair of black trousers that you already own and a white jacket and then accessorize with some stick-on epaulets, a home-made sash and a medal pinned on. If you’d rather have a more fun costume you can get a frog prince costume complete with a gold crown!

As for Snow White herself, you can choose between a sexy short costume and a more traditional long satin dress with puff sleeves. Disney does an official Snow-White costume which includes a royal blue shimmering velour bodice embellished with a central red rose, gold piping, and a Snow-White character print.

Also included with the Disney costume is an attached full-length yellow satin skirt and a pair of pale blue and gold character puff sleeves with red teardrop detailing. The outfit is finished off with a removable red velour cape and a red satin bow headband. The costume doesn’t include a wig but it looks fantastic with a black Snow White wig and red patent round toe shoes.

You can get an Adult 2 Piece Snow White Costume including a short Snow White style dress featuring a satin bow with a red apple appliqué and a coordinating red hair bow. This skirt is very short so you’ll have to be brave or very cheeky to wear it! It looks best with white over the knee socks and black patent shoes. You can also get other short and sexy costumes that aren’t quite as short so you will look sexy but won’t show your bum cheeks!


To be daring you could wear an Adult Female Rebel Toons Sexy Snow White Costume, consisting of a red and blue corset with red lace-up detail, pull on red, blue and yellow puff sleeves and yellow hot pants with red ribbon embellishment. This is very revealing and cheeky! It looks great with white stockings with red bows.

Whichever Snow White costume you decide on there are loads of fantastic accessories you can add, including a red fabric cape, white stockings with red bows, long red velvet gloves, a wicker basket, a velvet choker, patent shoes, A Snow White wig or a Snow Fright Wig. You can even carry a cheap accessory of a red apple!

Halloween is probably the most wonderful time of year for fancy dress and the range of ladies Halloween costumes is vast.


There are so many different ideas you could use and then lots of different costumes depending on your budget. You can create a fantastic looking costume on a fairly small budget but there are also some amazing, elaborate costumes you can buy if you have a bigger budget.

Some ideas for ladies Halloween costumes include a witch, a devil, a vampire, a fallen angel, a zombie bride or a dark fairy. If you go for a classic witch costume there are many variations you could make. You could be a sexy witch in a short dress and fishnets with a pointy, witchy hat, a costume you could either put together yourself or buy a complete outfit as there are several available to buy.

Or you could go as a sophisticated witch in a long, sleek black dress accessorized with a witch’s hat and even a long wig. Again, you could use a dress you already own and buy a hat and accessories or buy a complete outfit. You could go as a purple witch, a colorful witch, an elegant witch or even a ballerina witch. Whatever style witch you want to be lots of dark eye makeup always makes a witchy costume.

If you don’t feel witchy you could be a little devil in a long red dress accessorized with a pair of horns and maybe a long black or red wig, with lots of red lipstick. Or you could wear a sexy short red dress with fishnets and devil horns, accessorized with a glitter devil trident and some long black gloves.

If you feel more comfortable in trousers you could wear red trousers and a red top or even a red catsuit. You could add a long red cloak and either a short, sleek bob style wig or a long wig.

If you feel more like a vampire lady you could wear a long dress of any color with a black wig and vampire teeth. You can get Transylvanian Fang Teeth Caps, which are non-toxic fangs that fit over your teeth creating the desired Dracula look. Unlike sets of teeth, these allow you to talk and drink (if you’re careful – make sure you don’t swallow them) whilst sporting the super scary look.

Simply mix the denture compound that comes with them and presses it into the fangs, then place them into your mouth to fit your teeth.  These are a brilliant accessory and with some fake blood on your face and some long, dark painted fingernails you’ll look the part.

A different one

If you want to be a bit different you could dress up as Malice in Wonderland – a dark take on Alice in Wonderland! You can buy superb, ready to wear complete costumes that include a short black and white dress and petticoats with apron, black and white chequered leggings and a bow for your hair. It’s a great costume for making an anti-Fairy-tale or alternative statement, and a bit different from the usual witch, vampire or devil costumes.


Another great idea for a lady’s Halloween costume is a zombie bride as you can wear white instead of the usual Halloween black, and go to town on your hair and makeup. You can sometimes pick up wedding dresses quite cheaply in charity shops if you fancy putting together your costume or you can buy a complete zombie bride complete with veil.

There are loads more ideas for ladies Halloween costumes and these are just a few ideas here but it’s a great theme for using your imagination as pretty much anything goes. It’s an easy theme to get fantastic accessories for and that makes it easier to create your costumes combining some bits you already have with some new accessories.

I've seen couples sporting animal masks and dresses which can be fun.

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