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EZ Cracker Egg Separator

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This EZ Cracker egg cracker and separator is the perfect way to cook with eggs at just the squeeze of a handle. This simple design allows you to crack open eggs without any mess or bits of shell in your food. Simply insert an egg into the cradle and squeeze to instantly crack and release the egg from its shell.


  • Strip shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds
  • No more spills when using this egg yolk separator
  • No more fishing out annoying shell pieces
  • Crack or separate eggs in 1 easy squeeze of the handle with this hard boiled egg cracker

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I have used this egg cracker many times since Christmas. My 9 yr old son has also used it with no issues. EZ Cracker is better at cracking an egg than I am, Previously I had to look for those almost invisible pieces of shell that are not fun to find in an egg or baked good. Yuck crunchy. I am just one of those people that has issues cracking eggs, lol, embarrassing.
I would have just done without it and kept picking out bits of shells, but my 9 yr old is grossed out by raw egg shell and he likes to cook and bake and this would help to do so more independently. He is so proud of doing things all by himself."

- Kathy T., NJ, USA


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Get Perfectly Cracked Eggs - Every Time! Simply insert an egg into the cradle and squeeze to instantly crack and release the egg from its shell. With EZ Cracker the shell is always left behind, you never have to worry about dropped shells. Use the egg white separator attachment to separate egg whites for perfect egg white omelets and delicious meringues for pies. EZ Cracker is the ultimate tool in every kitchen!


Package includes: 

Handheld Egg Cracker x 1pcs

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