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Vampire Halloween Costume: Complete Set-PocketOutdoor-M-M-PocketOutdoor

Vampire Halloween Costume: Complete Set

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Vampire Halloween Costume Description:

Vampires are the mainstream creatures in many of today's novels and epics including the Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Twilight series. For this reason, they're quite a popular option when it comes to choosing Halloween costume.

Although you can very well DIY the Vampire Costume, those looking for a more detailed product to rock any costume or masquerade party, this Gothic Vampire costume is what you need!

This modern vampire costume is available only at PocketOutdoor for men and women in M, L, and XL sizes. With this complete vampire costume set, you just need a blood bag and little makeup to create an extraordinary character.

For girls and women looking out for a sexy vampire costume, this outfit with its perfect length will definitely appeal you.

Adults Vampire Costume Size Chart:


  • M size for height 170 - 175cm
  • L size for height 175 - 180cm
  • XL size for height 180 - 185cm


  • M Length 67 Bust 66 - 100 Waist 72 - 96
  • L Length 68 Bust 70 - 104 Waist 76 - 100
  • XL Length 69 Bust 74 - 108 Waist 80 - 104
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