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Fashion Write for Us - Halloween Guest Post | Cosplay

PocketOutdoor is the place to find all of your spooky needs.

Whether it's a creative costume, some interesting facts about this year's most popular costumes, or you want to know where you can get that perfect outfit – we've got what you need!

We are looking for guest authors to write unique, creative content that will thrill our readers.

Please send us your best work!

We'll post it on the site with an awesome article title and link back in appreciation of creating such amazing pieces-- but only if you're accepted :)

  • Fashion
  • Halloween
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Cosplay

Eligibility criteria for guest posting:

  • It's all about the content, folks! So make sure your submissions are unique and relevant to the categories listed above.
  • Minimum guest post article length: 1000 words.
  • Posts with too few grammatical mistakes have a greater chance of being accepted.
  • We adore rich content, and Google does too. You may include three to four images and a YouTube video (if available).
  • You should include the main headline, sub-headings (H2 or H3), and a link to additional information.
  • You can include up to two links from authoritative high-authority sites in your work/website and 1 Do-Follow link to your website.
  • No affiliate links.
  • Please do not hesitate to share your topic for a quicker response. Alternatively, you may contact me about blog post ideas.

After a successful Guest Post, what comes next?

We'll promote your article on our Social Media Profiles.

This is an excellent way to grow the reach and exposure of your brand while also increasing visibility within specific groups or communities that may be interested in similar topics!

Fashion Guest Post

As fashion continues to be one of the most popular topics in blogging, it's not surprising that many bloggers are interested in guest posting articles about their favorite topics.

Fashion has always been an avid subject for me personally, and I love providing insight into this world through words on paper!

I've found writing about personal experiences related to clothing can open up dialogue between readers.

This is because everyone understands what they're going through when deciding which shirt or skirt would look perfect after trying out 30 different options at once before finally picking something.

Feeling unsure if wearing said piece outside is appropriate given all factors involved.

Every day we see new trends that are clones or continuations of old ones; they're constantly changing to keep up with what's popular right now.

A list of fashion blog topics for inspiration

  1. Looking for the latest trends in fashion?
  2. Is this your first time trying a particular style?
  3. Did you just buy a new pair of shoes and want someone else's opinion about it?
  4. Are you looking for a personal stylist, or do you need advice on choosing the perfect outfit for an event?
  5. What is the best way to shop online?
  6. Do you have a specific question concerning fashion?
  7. Do you know what jeans work best with your body type and personality?
  8. Can I find my favorite style in plus sizes or maternity clothes?
  9. How can I keep up with the latest trends without spending too much money on clothes, shoes, and accessories?
  10. What should I wear to the office, and what should I wear for a formal event?
  11. How can I look stylish at any age without looking too flashy or excessively casual?
  12. Is there such a thing as timeless fashion?
  13. How can you avoid spending all your money on clothes without compromising style?
  14. Do you know how to save up for the latest trends in fashion while still saving money for other important things like bills, groceries, and contributions towards retirement savings?
  15. Where do you buy affordable yet fashionable clothes made of high-quality materials that last longer than just one season?
  16. Utilizing social media networks to promote clothing brands, companies, services, and products through guest blogging
  17. How can I avoid looking like someone who borrowed clothes from their mom for the evening?
  18. Is it necessary to visit popular department stores and boutiques to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, or are there other alternatives that don't require me to spend a single centavo?
  19. Who is your favorite designer?
  20. What do you think of celebrities who constantly update their status on social networking sites while wearing sunglasses, hats, and scarves all year round (even while indoors) so nobody knows what they look like underneath all those accessories they're wearing?
  21. Do you have any tips for what makeup goes well with a particular outfit or occasion?
  22. If I am a plus-sized woman, where can I find the perfect gown for the ball or formal event of my life?
  23. How to look stylishly casual and avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed even if that's exactly what you did (letting your hair air dry and wearing no makeup at all)?
  24. What is your idea of fashion?
  25. How should I access my outfit to look confident and be comfortable with whatever I'm wearing?
  26. Can someone please explain fashion trends to me as though I'm five years old because I don't understand them?
  27. If money wasn't an issue, how would you spend your entire paycheck on clothes, shoes, and accessories?
  28. What are the dos and don'ts of layering clothes during winter?
  29. Can you please tell me what fad will be "out" by next week so I can avoid looking like a fool in public wearing something that'll be considered outdated a month from now?
  30. How can I pick the perfect outfit for my first day at school without looking too over-the-top or under-dressed?
  31. What should I wear on casual Friday at work without being mistaken as a slobby by my boss or colleagues who dress up every day of the week, even if they're only going to stay inside their cubicles all day long?
  32. Combining different styles of fashion (punk with girly, bohemian with preppy) to create a unique personal style
  33. What type of clothing should I avoid wearing at work?
  34. Where can I find the perfect shoes to match my new dress without breaking the bank?
  35. How do you put together an outfit for chilly autumn/winter weather without looking too frumpish yet still warm enough to be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time?
  36. Where should I shop if I am looking for something that is both affordable and high-quality?
  37. If I go on vacation, what are some mistakes people make when packing their clothes?
  38. How can I keep up with all the latest fashion trends without spending most of my paycheck?
  39. What are some fashion tips that work across all age groups?
  40. Where can I find clothes for my body type?
  41. How do you accessorize your outfit for an event during summertime (to make it more comfortable but still stylish)?
  42. Are there too many pastel colors in one outfit, or is it possible to go overboard with them if they're not used sparingly throughout an ensemble?
  43. When shopping for clothes, what should I keep in mind to avoid making the wrong purchase decisions?
  44. What are some of the most common fashion mistakes men make when dressing themselves up for special occasions like weddings and graduations?
  45. How can I make my legs look longer?
  46. What's your definition of "fashion"?
  47. Are skinny jeans appropriate for casual Friday but also decent enough to wear for drinks or coffee with friends afterward?
  48. How do you accessorize your outfit for the evening (without looking too formal/boring)?
  49. How do you keep yourself warm during winter without shivering inside-out in the process?
  50. What are some fashion trends that stand the test of time and will never go out of style so I know I can still use them for years to come?
  51. How do I choose a color palette for my outfit without overdoing it?
  52. How can you tell if an item of clothing is high-quality or not?
  53. What are some fashion mistakes people make when trying to dress like celebrities (like wearing six-inch stilettos when walking through grassy areas, tucking in t-shirts with logos on them, etc.)?
  54. Are there any articles of clothing that all body types can wear?
  55. How should I dress at the office during summertime without looking too casual (not wrinkled) and not too formal (the same thing goes for winter)?
  56. Is it okay to buy clothes online without trying them on before, even if I know my measurements like the back of my hand?
  57. What are some fashion tips for short and tall women (so they can look their best at all times)?
  58. How easily do different types of fabrics wrinkle? And how can you remove wrinkles from clothing made out of these fabrics if they get wrinkled by accident?
  59. How should I dress as a man during the summertime without looking too "lumpish" or under-dressed?
  60. What are some fashion trends that stand the test of time and have been around since the early 20th century, so I know I can still use them for years to come?
  61. Where should men shop if they're looking for high-quality clothing without having to pay a small fortune for it?
  62. When is the best time of year to buy clothes in terms of quality and price?
  63. How do you dress your body type (curvier women, ectomorphs, etc.) in a way that flatters your shape without hiding it completely?
  64. What's the difference between personal style and fashion trends? And what should I keep in mind when trying to differentiate between the two when shopping for new clothes if they're not obvious at first glance (potentially leading me to make purchases based on trendiness rather than by my personal preference)?
  65. How can I look stylish yet stay cool enough, so I don't fall victim to heatstroke or pass out from the weather while I'm out and about?
  66. What should I consider when shopping for clothes that will last me a long time even if they cost me a lot of money in the short term?
  67. How can women avoid looking like they're trying too hard with their fashion choices (but still look stylish at the same time)?
  68. Should you always dress appropriately for your age, or is it okay to experiment with different styles regardless of how old you are?
  69. Should I buy clothes online or in physical stores to try them on beforehand (and potentially do some comparison shopping before settling on what to buy/not buy)?
  70. Do certain colors go together more than others? And what can I do to a certain article of clothing if it clashes with another article I want to wear?
  71. What are some fashion tips for men who have receding hairlines or areas on their face that they don't want people staring at constantly (e.g., a big nose, ectomorphs who aren't as tall as others, etc.)?
  72. Is it ever okay to wear sweatpants in public aside from going to the gym or around the house?
  73. How can you tell which colors go together and look good together without going out and buying every color under the sun just to see for yourself what they look like when combined?
  74. What's a fashionable way of dressing for men with a more pear-shaped body (a little bit of a gut, ectomorphs)?
  75. What are some fashion tips for men who want to look polished and dapper but don't want to be mistaken as someone who's trying too hard (e.g., wearing sequin jackets or sparkly shirts on special occasions)?
  76. What do you think about those outfits that make people look like they're wearing pajamas in public?
  77. How can I dress both stylish and comfortable at the same time without sacrificing either one?
  78. Who determines what's fashionable or not on the runway or celebrities? And how can I determine whether something will still be considered fashionable even if it's not stylish?
  79. What are some fashion tips for men who want to wear a dapper outfit but don't know where to start or what would look good on them?
  80. How can I dress appropriately for my age without looking like a boring person?
  81. How can you tell if something will be fashionable in a few years (e.g., shortly)?
  82. What are some fashion trends that were popular in the past few decades but aren't popular anymore (and I shouldn't join in with) so I don't make myself look like an older person gone astray when it comes to style?

Halloween Guest Post

The idea of Halloween is to be scary, but there are so many options for how you can go about it. One great option would be writing a spooky story that's just made up in your head!

You don't need any special skills or talents- all the creativity needed comes from within us as writers ourselves when we put our minds into creating something new and exciting each time around.

I know some people who love this type of thing because they enjoy reading stories told by other authors at night.

Others prefer watching movies like "Hocus Pocus," which has gothic themes similar to themed attire worn throughout (or even make puppet shows!).

Either way, getting scared and enjoying the thrill of it all is fun.

Check this list of Halloween blog post ideas for inspiration

  1. Top 10 reasons why you have to love Halloween
  2. How to handcraft your candy?
  3. Guide for Halloween celebration planning
  4. Guide to easy DIY decorations
  5. Trick or treat tips for bloggers
  6. Top 10 trends in Halloween costumes (for men/women/kids)
  7. How to find the perfect costume online?
  8. Creative candy packaging ideas for Halloween parties & gifts
  9. Tips on choosing the right place to celebrate Halloween with kids
  10. Top 10 Halloween-themed crafts
  11. The ultimate guide for hosting a spooky Halloween party
  12. 5 easy DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids
  13. Ideas to make your pets into scary-looking creatures in an instant!
  14. Guide to making Halloween costumes with recycled materials
  15. Top 10 cute Halloween crafts for kids under 10 years old
  16. DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples
  17. 30 ways to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween
  18. How to carve a cute Halloween pumpkin like a professional
  19. Guide to the best Halloween party recipes
  20. Top 10 creative ways of using pumpkins as decoration during Halloween
  21. Make your Halloween headband with this easy DIY tutorial
  22. Top 10 (easy and quick) Halloween treats for kids
  23. Top 10 scary movies to watch during Halloween
  24. Top 50 quotes about Halloween
  25. Top 50 facts about Halloween
  26. Creative DIY owl costume ideas
  27. Kids get into the spirit of Halloween by making their fairy wings
  28. How to carve a pumpkin like a pro in just 5 minutes!
  29. Top 10 reasons why you should dress up your pet for Halloween!
  30. Ideas for creating your very own Halloween haunted house decorating at home!
  31. What do kids think is so great about dressing up and trick or treating? This list will clue you in!
  32. Top 10 crafts for kids under 3
  33. How to make your own Halloween costume with a few simple steps!
  34. Creative ideas for decorating candy buckets & gift boxes for Halloween gifts
  35. Guide to hosting an unforgettable Halloween dinner
  36. Halloween party etiquette for adults
  37. Make these super cute Frankenstein lollipops this Halloween!
  38. Coolest DIY light-up pumpkin decoration ideas that are easy to recreate at home!
  39. Easy makeup tutorial for creating the perfect scary witch look on Halloween night!
  40. Spooky Halloween tunes - Top 10 songs to play during your Halloween party
  41. Kids love making their monster masks for Halloween!
  42. Make your room a scary graveyard using chalk paint and other simple household items!
  43. How to make these easy DIY paper bats for Halloween decorations!
  44. Creative ideas for decorating with black balloons this Halloween season!
  45. Kids can't wait any longer. They want to start carving their pumpkins already! Ready the knives, kids,
  46. Here are some cool patterns you might like to try this year...
  47. Create your own spooky fortune teller game this Halloween with just 5 easy steps!
  48. Guide to hosting a Halloween costume party
  49. Top 20 recipes using the pumpkin during this Halloween season
  50. Guide to hosting a spooky ghost party for kids
  51. Kids get crafty by creating their DIY monster pencils this Halloween!

Halloween Costumes Guest Post

If you're looking for a creative way to break the monotony of writing blog posts, then guest posting might just be your ticket.

By submitting an article about Halloween costumes and other topics like party themes and DIYs (darn it!), authors can add some flair and creativity without having too much work on their plate at any given moment!

They also get more exposure than they would if this were all by hand alone.

Cosplay Guest Post

Have you ever wanted to write an article about cosplay? Many aspects of this culture go unnoticed, like what happens before and after a convention. It's time for dedicated coverage on the topic!

It is a fascinating hobby, and the community of people involved in this activity is so creative.

We have seen everything from intricate, handmade costumes that take months or years to complete to partial outfits with meticulous attention paid to every detail- downright badass Latina characters!

List of Cosplay article topics for inspiration

  1. Why cosplay?
  2. The different types of cosplayers
  3. How do I get started in cosplay?
  4. What is the best way to find my size in cosplay?
  5. Where can I buy cheap wigs for my next event?
  6. Where can I buy cheap makeup for my next cosplay event?
  7. What are the costs involved in cosplaying?
  8. How do I pick out a good name for my character?
  9. What should I do to prepare myself before going to an event? (A tutorial on props, etc.)
  10. Top five favorite characters that you've cosplayed
  11. The difference between anime conventions and comic book conventions
  12. How do I select a group costume if several people want to join me in one?
  13. Where can I find a list of typical anime convention panels?
  14. Which video camera is best suited for taking pictures at a convention – digital or film cameras?
  15. How do I pick out a good cosplay outfit?
  16. Why do people cosplay?
  17. Do you have advice for first-time cosplayers?
  18. In what ways to make my costumes/props without spending too much money on materials?
  19. Top 10 tips for new cosplayers
  20. How can I learn how to sew for costuming purposes?
  21. What is your favorite anime character of all time, and why
  22. Who are the "reference" characters you use when creating your costume designs or modifying existing outfits to portray specific characters accurately?
  23. Can you give me any tips on sewing, patterns, and fabrics?
  24. Are there any good cosplay sites that you can recommend?
  25. How important are wigs in completing a character's look?
  26. What are the top five mistakes cosplayers make?
  27. I'm not confident about my looks – how can I still cosplay, especially if my character is supposed to be sexy or wears revealing outfits?
  28. Do you have any tips on what to wear under your costumes for protection/warmth/comfort?
  29. How do I start making props for cosplay purposes?
  30. Is it okay to publicly dress as a fictional or video game character?
  31. Tips on buying online masks, helmets, and other props commonly made of plastic or acrylic.
  32. How do you get into character while cosplaying?
  33. What can I expect at a convention? Do people take my picture a lot? Can I bring a camera to take pictures of other cosplayers?
  34. Tips on attending a convention for the very first time!
  35. What kind of makeup is best for cosplay? How do I apply it correctly and safely so that it lasts all day without smudging or tearing up my skin?
  36. Where can I find tutorials on how to put together specific kinds of costumes such as armor, wings, etc.?
  37. Cosplay makes me feel out of place in regular clothes – what should I do? Does everyone who goes to conventions wear cosplay?
  38. Can I cosplay in character if they look nothing like me? (e.g., I'm black, and the character I want to cosplay is white with blue eyes, etc.)
  39. How can I incorporate my creativity into a costume design instead of just buying or using the same outfits others have done?
  40. How often is it appropriate to wear a costume outside conventions, e.g., Halloween, Comic Conventions, Children's Birthday Parties, Weddings?
  41. What are some great ideas for simple costumes based on items bought from regular stores?
  42. Why do you enjoy going to anime conventions? Would you still go even if there weren't any cosplayers at it?
  43. How do you get your wig to stay in place all day without it falling off or slipping around on your head?
  44. Tips for a first-time cosplayer!
  45. Top five mistakes made by beginning cosplayers
  46. What is the best way to keep in touch with friends who share a common interest in anime and manga when we live many miles apart?
  47. I want to make my costumes, but where can I find good resources which show how to make them from scratch? (e.g., forums, websites, etc.)
  48. Are there any good places where I can buy custom wigs online?
  49. Pros and cons of attending conventions solo vs. with a group.
  50. What are some dos and don'ts during a cosplay photoshoot?
  51. What are some ways to make my cosplay outfit more comfortable?
  52. How do you know if your costume is "too revealing."
  53. What are some good games to play at an anime convention?
  54. Sites for cosplayers looking to buy/sell/trade costumes, wigs, and other accessories or props?
  55. What are some good tips for preventing overheating at conventions?
  56. How do you deal with negative comments about your cosplay?
  57. What are some interesting things I can do if I only have one day to spend at an anime convention?
  58. Some ways to make my costume more comfortable (i.e: shoes, gloves, etc.)
  59. How do you react if someone asks to take a picture of your costume or wants to touch you because they like the way your costume looks?
  60. Things that annoy me about anime conventions and how can I avoid them?
  61. Some advice on creating costumes that reflect the personality of the character in question rather than just pure accuracy.

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