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Brooklyn Copper Brownie Pan

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Copper Brownie Pan Description

The 3-part Brooklyn Brownie Copper Pan allows you to create 18 mini bites and quickly serve them to your friends or family, all in the same piece of cookware.

It can even be used for pizza and appetizers! You just have to mix your batter right inside the pan, insert the brownie grid, and slide it into the oven. When cooking, the even heat distribution provided by the pan's bottom, sides, and grid promise to deliver crispy edges and gooey centers in every square.

After they're done, pull out the grid, and the bottom and sides separate to create the perfect serving plate. From there, each brownie will easily pop out one-by-one due to Brooklyn's non-stick, super strong surface.

This also means you won't need any extra oil or butter or have to worry about scraping and scratching.


Type: Baking Dishes & Pans
Baking Dishes & Pans Type: Bread & Loaf Pans
Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly
Certification: FDA,CE / EU,SGS
Material: Metal

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