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Spartan Couple Costume - Ancient Greece

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This is Sparta!

300 Spartan Couple Costume Description

Get Battle-Ready: Embracing the Warrior Spirit with Spartan Couple Costumes

Channel the iconic strength and ferocity of Ancient Sparta with a thrilling Spartan couple costume. Whether you're conquering Halloween, a themed party, or a historical reenactment, these costumes embody the legendary spirit of these fearless warriors.

Embrace the Look of a Spartan Woman

For the ladies, transform into a fierce warrior queen alongside your Spartan partner. Here's how to achieve the look:

  • The Flowing Chiton: Opt for a simple yet elegant chiton, a traditional Greek garment. Choose earthy tones like brown, beige, or deep red for an authentic feel.
  • Warrior Accessories: Accessorize with a leather belt, golden armbands, and a spear (or a convincing replica!) to complete your powerful ensemble.
  • Braided Glory: Style your hair in a long braid or ponytail, adorned with beads or leather ties, signifying the strength and practicality of a Spartan woman.

Become a Fearless Spartan Warrior

Gentlemen, embody the legendary bravery of a Spartan warrior. Here's how to don your battle attire:

  • The Essential Tunic: A short tunic in leather or a linen-like material is the foundation of your costume. Choose colors like crimson red or dark brown.
  • Formidable Armor: A bronze-colored chest plate and matching greaves (shin guards) will add a touch of battle-worn authenticity.
  • The Iconic Helmet: No Spartan look is complete without the signature helmet. Opt for a design featuring a bold crest and a protective faceguard.
  • Weapons of Choice: Carry a convincing replica sword and a sturdy shield to demonstrate your unwavering combat prowess.

Product Features

Material: polyester + PU leather


  • for women: Bust 90cm, Waist 86cm, dress length 43cm, fit for height 160-175cm
  • for men: Waist 90cm, fit for height 165-185cm

Package content:

  • for women: top + skirt + cloak + wrist pieces
  • for men: neck piece + skirt + cloak
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