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Panda™ Cookie Cutter

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If you’ve ever felt inspired to learn this cute edible art, it’s never too late to start!

This Panda Cookie Cutter Set is an easy way to create adorable cookies. It can also be used to shape sliced cheese for decorating bentos. This set comes with four different faces and three bodies.

This super cute Panda cookie cutter set creates multi-layered panda cookies. This set comes to life with all the different fun combination that can be created.

This Panda set will excite any dessert table, and have all your guests smiling as they admire the cute pandas. This set makes a great gift for anyone who loves to bake.

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How to use this Panda Cookie Cutters?

To make panda cookies, simply prepare a batch of sugar cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough. Make sure to refrigerate your dough before rolling it out and using the cutters.

This will help your panda cookie maintain its cute shape. Also, make sure to flour the surface you are working on. Use one of the frames to cut the chocolate cookie dough.

Then, use a body and face frame to cut the sugar cookie dough. Place the body and face parts on the chocolate dough you cut using the frame and bake! You will have adorable panda cookies to share with your friends and loved ones in no time and with very little effort!

Suggestion: Use Panda Cookie Bags to wrap these DIY Panda cookies!

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Pandas are awesome. Cookies are awesome.

We're pretty sure you know where we're going with this product. Awesome squared!

They're cookies; of course, they taste good!

Your recipe determines how tasty your cookies will be. But how fun are they to eat? Well, that's determined by how good they look. And Panda Bear Cookies look downright melt-in-your-mouth-licious!

These super-fun cookies look as good as they taste!

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