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Pocket Outdoor Single Hand Liquid Soap Dispenser-Pocket Outdoor-Pocket Outdoor

Single Hand Liquid Soap Dispenser

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Hygienic Soap Dispenser Description

If you are looking for a hygienic way to wash your hands in the kitchen, your search ends here!
Our single-handed soap pump utilizes the back of your hand to release the soap keeping the pump head cleaner.

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Features & Benefits

Keep things nice and clean in the kitchen with our Single Hand Liquid Soap Dispenser, the C-shaped design lets you place the back of your hand on the pump to dispense the soap.

Great for when you’ve been touching raw meat and you want to wash your hands without the risk of spreading germs.

Pocket Outdoor Single Hand Liquid Dispenser has a non-slip base, a soap indicator window on the reverse and is easy to fill and clean. Suitable for all types of liquid hand soap.

7 reasons to get this now:😊😊

✓Fewer germs
✓Using back of the hand makes pump head cleaner
✓Non-slip base
✓Easy to fill and clean
✓Suitable for all types of liquid hand soap
✓Beautiful design
✓60% off, if you order today!

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