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Kitchen Organizer Description

Say goodbye to a messy kitchen or a chaotic cabinet! The Rotating Storage Organizer will help keep everything tidy so you easily find whatever you're looking for. Whether it's storing a bottle of your favorite lotion or a salt shaker, the Rotating Storage Organizer makes it convenient to cook, put things together, and more! 

Rotating Storage Organizer

By turning the turntable, you get easy access to your stored items. You also have the option to stack shelves for additional storage space.


  • Innovative storage 
  • Versatile and compact design. Perfect for any room in your home or office. 
  • Saves space. Can be used with spices, beauty products, and more!
  • Product Size:29 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm; will fit containers with 2- ¾" diameter.

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