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Best Halloween Decoration Ideas for 2021

Posted by Ajay Porwal on

Halloween is not only the time for children to cosplay their most favorite character but also the time for parents to have fun while enjoying decorating their house for the spookiest occasion of the year.

Besides thinking of what costume might make your children's Halloween become memorable, decorating will bring the atmosphere into your house, and make your kid's childhood become more impressive and memorable.

If you are bored of old ideas like plastic pumpkin candy buckets or orange and black balloons, check out these ideas below to blow in new fresh air into your house this Halloween!

1. Flickering Spider Light

 Flickering Spider Light

You only need an orange light bulb, a paper spider, and a jar to make this flickering spider light for your family Halloween night. You can use it as the house decoration, a gift container, or a mystery jar to hold all the spells in your spooky game night.

2. Spider Ice for Halloween Night

Spider Ice for Halloween Night

If you are planning to hold a feast for your family members or friends on Halloween, note down this idea.

You only need tiny spider candies and water to bring floating spiders into your drinks.

3. Hanging Quotes

Hanging Quotes

Happy Halloween Quotes can be a source of energy that will make your family members tune in for Halloween.

You can make hand-written postcards, or create fine pictures with calligraphy fonts. Take your recreational time and start creating these beautiful hanging quotes.

4. Toilet paper pumpkin

Toilet paper pumpkin

All you need are toilet paper rolls, pieces of fabric, wood sticks, and leaves to make this fine-looking pumpkin for your Halloween. First, wrap up the toilet roll with fabric, and try to direct the fabric to make a pumpkin shape. Then decorate it with leaves and wood sticks by tucking it into one of the ends of the toilet paper roll.

There is no need for sewing, gluing, or pinning. Just a few minutes and you have your table decorated.

5. Hanging Ghosts

Hanging Ghosts

This is one of the most classic yet the most favorable decorations for Halloween every year. That is why there are many variations for these Hanging ghosts. You can make paper, or tissue hanging ghosts, or cotton balls hanging ghosts, depending on your choice.

With the paper or tissue ghosts, you will need lollipops, papers or tissues, a marker, and strings of ribbons. First, wrap the paper/tissue around the lollipop and use a ribbon string to tie a bow around the top of the lollipop. After that, all you need to do is draw the ghost’s eyes and mouth with the marker.

Hanging Ghosts Image

Cotton ball hanging ghosts need different materials: cotton balls, a glue stick, white and black paper. First, glue your cotton balls on the white paper, try to cut the paper in the shape of a ghost. Next, stick the eyes and mouth that you have cut from the black paper on the ghosts to create different emotions for the ghosts.

6. Glow stick bloom

Glow stick bloom

Materials: glow stick bracelets, black paper, and glue. This is another quick craft for Halloween but still fancy up your Halloween night. All you need to do is cut vertical stripes on your black paper, wrap it around one end of the glow stick bracelet to make a bloom shape, and use glue or 2-sided tape to stick it together.

7. Spooky Glowing Steps

Spooky Glowing Steps

These glowing muddy steps would definitely blow out your guests' minds. Even Though it may look complicated to make, these amazing steps only need two things: liquid laundry detergent (with phosphorus) and food coloring.

All you need to do is pour the green food coloring into the liquid laundry detergent (with phosphorus) and spread the liquid along your stairs.

This can be a little messy so remember to recreate it with cautions.

8. Window decoration

Window decoration

With the same base idea as the Spooky Glowing Steps, you will need to make use of the chemical reaction of phosphorus with the air.

You will need glow in the dark, or phosphorescent – which can be found online or at some craft and art supply stores, white paint, and a brush. Pour the paint into the phosphorescent powder and mix them well, you will need to make your color paintings within a short amount of time before the paint goes dry.

9. Bloody Candles

Bloody Candles

Image: Pinterest

You will only need red and white candles to make these impressive bloody candles for your Halloween. Light up the red candle and pour drops of red wax on the white candles, let the red wax cover every centimeter of the top of the white candles to make it more “bloody”.

10. Door decoration

If you are looking for activities (a bit messy) to have fun with the kids, this might be a good suggestion. On your weekend, take out your old paintbrushes and start creating these bloody handprint window clings. You and your kids will simply enjoy time playing with colors and together preparing for the spookiest time of the year.

Door decoration

Image: Hey Let's Make Stuff

11. Classic Flying Bat

Classic Flying Bat

This is another classical decoration of Halloween, but still gets the love of every family because of its simplicity and convenience. All you need are black paper and glue/tape. You can draw it in the shape you wish, cut it out, and stick it on the walls. Simple, isn’t it?

Halloween has always been such a fun time for children and for the young at heart. Dressing up and playing pretend has its charm that always makes everyone feel like a kid again. Above are a collection of the easiest but most impressive decoration ideas for you and your family to spice up your Halloween this year, in 2021.

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